Ever since I was a little girl and the original Nintendo came out, I knew I wanted to work in technology. I began playing on it and was amazed not only by the story telling of Mario, but by the fact that I was controlling a character on the TV.

It sparked a fire in me and I wanted to learn everything I could about the system. As I grew older, computers began to be popular. In 4th grade I had my own laptop(it was over 10lbs!) and I fell in love with touch typing and using this machine to help me with school work. Throughout school, I hung out with the IT staff and people who were like me, lovers of technology. When I graduated college in 2011 I began my career as an Administrate Assistant where I would wear all the hats in the office including being IT support to anyone that needed. I liked the admin roles I had but I always felt most comfortable when I was troubleshooting with someone about a computer/scanner/fax issue.

Fast-forward to 2017 - I had a great job at a marketing company with amazing bosses. Sadly though, they were downsized and my role was one of those that weren't budgeted for. I was looking for work until the day I fell down the stairs in my building. I had fallen down four stairs and heard a huge snap. It turned out I had broken my right ankle severely and would need surgery. Only 2% of people who have the surgery would have complications, the doctors told me. I was one of the 2%. I ended up not being able to walk until February 2018 after two surgeries and painful rehab. While I was bedridden I looked up coding and found Flatiron Online Free Bootcamp. I decided to give it a try and instantly fell in love with it.

Code helped me through recovery. Coding was the way I dealt with the pain in my foot and it made my days go by quickly. I would zone out and learn the concepts that they were teaching us. All while doing rehab every day and learning how to adjust to my new life. My motivation never left me, when everything else seemed to. I am forever grateful for finding code and realizing that this is exactly what I want to be doing with my life.