Finding Your Tribe

Posted by amandarebecca89 on April 9, 2019

I must admit I’ve been lacking in the blog post and I had every intention to write one last week but life got the best of me. I also realize I don’t write a lot of technical blogs strictly all about coding and I am going to try in the next few weeks (hold me to it!) to write about the technical part of what I’m learning. With that being said, I’d like to let you know what has happened for me in the last two weeks.

Since I’ve begun my coding journey on Twitter I have looked for people to become my inner circle for more than just coding. If you had told me even a month ago I would be where I’m at I would’ve laughed and not believed it. Talking is something that comes naturally to me, maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker and we are well versed in talking and speaking our mind ;). Talking to “strangers” on the internet is something I’ve been doing since Yahoo Chatrooms were a thing. In my attempt to be the most introverted extrovert out there I have been very vocal on twitter about the journey I’m on to find my first dev job which has resulted with me meeting amazing people. For awhile now I’ve wanted to create a Discord server to connect everyone that I know together but I didn’t feel like anyone would want to join it, except in the past two weeks I’ve met very important people in my life who’ve given me the extra confidence and push to do so.

I sent out a tweet asking if anyone would be interested and my anxiety got the best of me thinking that nobody would respond. I was blown away by how many of you tweeted back at me asking to join - and if you are reading this and haven’t joined and you want to please send me a DM on twitter (amandathedevnyc) and I’ll give you the link! In the midst of all the amazing people that have joined I’ve found very special people that I’ve become instantly close with and I know that they are my forever friends (I’m looking at you Ally, Kellie, Nicole, Mimi, Jess and Benjamin). This server makes me feel less alone and know that everyone has gone through the process or is going through it with me.

Imposter Syndrome is so real in and through this server I hope to help people lessen the voices in their head that says they aren’t good enough because we are. I write this full well knowing I don’t feel like I’m good enough half the time but through everyone I know you give me the support I need to keep going and I hope I can give it back to you. Let me know if you need any support or if you want to join our tribe. Keep going, I believe in you!

Talk soon! Amanda