First full week on job search

Posted by amandarebecca89 on February 19, 2019

I thought I would tell you what I’ve been up to last week. It was my full first week of job searching and it was exhausting (cue me wanting to crawl into bed at 8pm but realizing that I need to stay awake) both mentally and physically.

So, I’m pretty active on Twitter and I somehow hit over 1k followers which I never thought I would. I talk about my coding journey along with random thoughts I have. Anyway, I had posted right after that I graduated Flatiron and was looking for work. I explained I am a baby coder and the frameworks I’m comfortable(relatively) in. I didn’t expect many responses but I thought that this would be a good way to network, since we are told from Flatiron that networking is key. It’s super hard to get your foot through the door and when you’ve networked and made personal connections it seems a bit easier to do so. Not easy by any means, but just a tiny bit easier.

Fast forward to a few hours later and I had so many responses that I couldn’t keep up. Side Note: I am so thankful to the Web Development Twitter community. You are so amazing and I appreciate each and every one of you. It’s been such a great switch from when I had a twitter account that was for gaming, and that was pretty toxic. Of course there are bad seeds but it seems like the good seeds outweigh the bad ones. Back to the responses: I was networking and from the comfort of my couch! When I woke up the next morning I had over 600 likes and 300 Retweets. I was speaking to CTOs, CEOs, and Seniors all because of my tweet.

I’ve now had 5 interviews over the last week and yesterday , and one resulted in moving me to the next round with a coding assignment. I am in the process of completing that and hopefully they want to move forward with me. I have another interview today which I am super excited about, the company is one I’ve looked at since I began my coding journey.

It seems too good to be true I keep telling myself but then I remind myself that I am someone who would be valuable to any team. Hopefully one of these connections leads me to my first job, but if not I will be pounding the pavement looking for my role.

Moral of my blog post is that you should network, network, network! You don’t know what connections you can make until you try.

Hopefully next week I’ll have more updates about the places that are positive but if not, I still will be sharing my rejections. I want to be transparent and maybe even a good place to come to if you’re just starting out like me. We should all try and help each other through this process because of how hard it is.

Signing off for now!