My Two Month Plus Hiatus from Code

Posted by amandarebecca89 on March 23, 2018

It has been more than two months since I actively sat down and poured my whole life into Code. I have had many personal things happen to me, not small things, but huge life changing events. Here are the two most important things that have happened since we last spoke:

I went to Australia to visit with my partner’s family and see what a beautiful country that is. I cannot wait to go back. I finally had my second surgery on my ankle, to remove screws that they had put in during my first surgery. I can now walk with minimal pain, and I can walk without my medical boot and a cane.

I have not had time for code and I felt bad about it, but realized I am not on any deadline and can take my time. My day to day life is hard as I struggle with chronic pain, and sometimes, actually most days I can’t make it to the computer. And that is okay. I’m on the way to getting back to having code in my life almost every single day.

In general, throughout my entire life if I liked something I would pour my heart and soul into it and if I hated something it would take forever to get accomplished.

I find myself hating Sinatra and wondering why we have to learn this? I’ve spoken to a few good friends and they feel the same. Does anyone know why Sinatra is so important that you spend a whole section on it and use it for one of your projects? Please let me know!

I’m at the end of the Sinatra part, and I am so nervous about my solo project. I have to push myself to do this and it’s hard to find the momentum when I’ve basically been on a two plus month vacation.

However, I’ve missed code even though it causes me such frustration sometimes. I’m glad to be back.