Falling into Line

How falling changed my career path

I've graduated Flatiron, now what?

Last week I got the email from the instructor who did my review for the final project that I had passed. My own self-doubt had made me believe that the email was saying I had to fix something up and would need to meet again(since this is what I got on my last project review). I re-read the email and saw the words saying something like “Good luck on your job search” and I let out a sigh of relief.

State Vs Prop / Arrow Functions React

I was asked by my instructor to answer two questions more in depth, so I hope that if you are struggling with these two concepts that this will help you.

The Final Project

Apologies in advance for this super quick post….But here it is!

Scope and Hoisting

Below is my post which will explain Scope and Hoisting in JS. Let’s get to it!

jQuery project - quick post

So, here we are, I am almost at the end of the Flatiron curriculum and I can’t believe it. This program has taken me longer than it should’ve because life got in the way more times than I would like. But, I made it! “Nevertheless she persisted” has been my motto this past year, and this year. I keep on going no matter what life throws at me.