Falling into Line

How falling changed my career path

Imposter Syndrome

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything so I thought it was best for me to write something today. I’m pretty sure everyone has felt this way before, and since then. Imposter syndrome is something we as devs will never get away from. I’m learning how to deal with it every day. Here are some thoughts and how I worked past my inner demons with my rails assesment.

TV Show App - Rails

Hi blog! I swore I was going to write more, but I got so knee deep in learning about rails that I forgot! I currently am not done with my rails app but I hope to be done by this coming Friday.

Come Fly Away with My Battle Pets! (Sinatra Portfolio Project)

“The best revenge is massive success” - Frank Sinatra

My Two Month Plus Hiatus from Code

It has been more than two months since I actively sat down and poured my whole life into Code. I have had many personal things happen to me, not small things, but huge life changing events. Here are the two most important things that have happened since we last spoke:

SQL where have you been all my life?

Since my posts these past few months, other than my HTML and CSS posts have been quite depressing and ranty I thought I would write a short but positive post to show you that I’m not always upset when it comes to coding! In actuality, getting deeper into the program I’m loving it even more. In the beginning of the program I made a pact to myself that I would never pull an all-nighter or that I would work on the weekends. Well, that changed last week and today.