TV Show App - Rails

Posted by amandarebecca89 on June 24, 2018

Hi blog! I swore I was going to write more, but I got so knee deep in learning about rails that I forgot! I currently am not done with my rails app but I hope to be done by this coming Friday.

This has been super challenging, and I would prefer doing another Sinatra app! Even though at the time I thought Sinatra was so complicated….I am hoping when I’m done with this and done with the review that I’ll think this of Rails!

I made a sort of mock IMDB app but just for TV shows, where a user can create a new review for shows. I have my associations and relationships for my three models 1) User - has_many :reviews and has_many :shows, through: :reviews 2) Show - has_many :reviews and has_many :users, through: :reviews 3) Review - belongs_to :user and belongs_to :show There are validations set in place like has_secure_password and letting the user know that they can’t sign up without an email or a password. I also have it so when you try to create a review without putting anything in the box, it lets you know. A user can signup via an email address or through Facebook. All users can see ALL the tv shows on the home page, and I am in the process of trying to figure out how to get all the users reviews on the home page and not just on their profile. A user can edit their review as well.

This project on a whole has been so frustrating but I am powering through. I am excited to be done and then add in JS. Stay tuned!